Going into the Microsoft cloud?

First step is carefully choosing the Office 365 tenant name (i.e. mycompany.onmicrosoft.com).
It’ll not only become the default domain, but also public URL’s like SharePoint Online will get the tenant name as prefix.

Example: MyCompany will result in SharePoint Online being hosted as MyCompany.SharePoint.com.

Note! You cannot simply rename the tenant name in the future without doing some serious migration projects.

Note! Unsure if you need a single or multiple tenants? Check my guide to decide which approach fits to your company.

The process of claiming an available tenant name is comparable to claiming an unused domain name.
The tenant name can only be registered once, so who got it first owns it!

Luckily there are plenty of ways to quickly discover if your desired tenant name is still available.

Method 1 – visit the official Windows Azure organization registration site

Go to https://account.windowsazure.com/organization

At the Domain Name box, fill in your desired tenant name, and click Check availability.

Office 365 tenant registration

Office 365 tenant registration

Method 2 – visit the onofficial O365.rocks website

Go to https://o365.rocks and fill in the Tenant name field.

This site will also list all of the tenant names you’ve tried before so you can try some names and finally claim the name you’ve liked the most.


Method 3 – using PowerShell script

On the Microsoft TechNet Office 365 gallery you can download a PowerShell script to check the tenant name availability. You can download the script using the link below:


Ready to go to the Cloud?

Go ahead and register your organization with a free Office 365 trial tenant: