Client performance tracing in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

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How to trace client performance latency times in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations?

One of the nicest performance debug tools Microsoft introduced in Dynamics 365 for Ops is the client performance timer. It helps to to determine why the client might be responding slow.

You can enable it by adding the parameter debug=develop at the end of the URL.


Note! Performance will be impacted by running within this debug mode.

Go ahead and walk through your performance case, for example, open a purchase order and watch closely at the debug window:

Click any of the links to dive into the details of each interaction at client and/or server side.
Some concepts:

How many forms are currently open, plus the rate at which they opened and closed (per second), and a set of counters, such as the total amount of created or closed forms.

Information about the garbage collection processes on the server.

Web client session:
How many web client sessions you currently have and how many are in use.

Services Session provider:
Total number of sessions created.

For more info, go to the following official D365FO docs site:

Additional info can also be found in the following Office Mix:


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