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Looking for a solution to send an email alert when a SQL agent job is running too long? Read on 🙂

Recently I did some maintenance to a SQL Server database instance, where I discovered one agent job was periodically running too long. This job copied data on a daily basis from a transactional database to a staging database for BI purposes. The owner was depending on actual BI data every morning, so you can already guess it needs to be reliable and proactively monitored.

By the way, the root cause for the unexpected random delays wasn’t found yet so I decided to create an alert mechanism to inform the IT staff proactively when the specific job duration exceeds a treshold of a given amount of time.

I do realize it’s just a workaround and not a solution for the root cause of delays, however, the owner is now able to act proactively when the job gets out of hand again.

Let’s jump to the fun part: building the solution!

  1. Start SQL Server Management studio (with Run as admin priv.) and login to the database instance.
  2. Configure Database Mail. You can follow this official Microsoft tutorial to accomplish.
  3. Create a SQL Agent monitoring job which will execute the T-SQL script at the bottom of this post. Make sure to modify the script to your needs. (search for TODO tag)
  4. Make sure to let the monitoring job on a recurring base, i.e. every 15 minutes.
  5. To test the monitoring job, you can create a second job which will only run T-SQL command:
    WAITFOR DELAY '00:30:00' -- let the job hang for 30 minutes
  6. Let the second (hanging) job run, and make sure the monitoring job periodically runs to check the duration of the hanging job. It should send a mail when the configured treshold get exceeded.
  7. That’s it! 😉 having questions or comments, please feel free to post your comment(s).
  8. Happy querying!

Monitoring job T-SQL script:

  1. -- Use this SQL script to alert when a SQL agent job is overdue (duration too long)
  3. -- To test the behaviour, create a agent job containing T-SQL query:
  4. -- WAITFOR DELAY '00:30:00'
  5. -- This will hang the query for 30 minutes
  7. -- Make sure you've configured SQL Database Mail profile and Operator(s)
  8. -- Then find and modify all rows containing TODO:
  9. -- At last, put this query in a job to run i.e. every 15 minutes
  11. USE [msdb]
  13. IF (SELECT
  14.     DATEDIFF(SECOND, aj.start_execution_date, GETDATE())
  15.   FROM msdb..sysjobactivity aj
  16.   INNER JOIN msdb..sysjobs sj
  17.     ON sj.job_id = aj.job_id
  18.   WHERE aj.stop_execution_date IS NULL -- condition: job hasn't stopped running
  19.   AND aj.start_execution_date IS NOT NULL -- condition: job is currently running
  20.   AND = 'Daily refresh staging job' -- TODO: fill in the exact job name to monitor
  22.     1
  23.   FROM msdb..sysjobactivity NEW
  24.   WHERE NEW.job_id = aj.job_id
  25.   AND NEW.start_execution_date > aj.start_execution_date)
  26.   -- TODO: change 3600 below to desired treshold value in seconds
  27.   )
  28.   > 3600
  29.   EXEC dbo.sp_notify_operator @profile_name = N'MailAlert', -- TODO
  30.                               @name = N'', -- TODO
  31.                               @subject = N'Warning: Refresh staging data warehouse job overdue', -- TODO
  32.                               @body = N'WARNING! Job Daily refresh staging data on server XXXXX took longer than expected! '; -- TODO
  33. ELSE
  34.   PRINT 'Job not running or not (yet) exceeding treshold';
  35. GO


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