If you are looking for a way to find best Azure VM performance versus pricing ratio, navigating through the different Azure pricing sites and calculator can be a challenge.

During the design phase of one of my latest Azure architectures I discovered the website Azureprice.net (no, I don’t have shares 😉 ) , in particular the page Azure VM Comparison

The website retrieves actual pricing details from the Azure Billing API, and transforms it into a nice easy-to-use grid.

You can use the dropdown and sliders to find the exact CPU/Memory size you’re looking for, and compare the SKU against the different regions. As you can see there can be a considerably difference in pricing rate between the regions.

The overview also adds the info about maximum number of disks, which can be usefull to know when, i.e, planning to stripe multiple VHD disks to get better disk I/O and latency performance.

Last but not least, the site also contains a VM performance comparison chart, however, at the moment it seems a little bit outdated (2017-01-28). This way you can find the best performance-pricing rate.

Thanks for reading my blog, and have fun building Azure-based solutions!