Microsoft has just released the (public preview) availability of Windows Container support on Azure App Service! This will enable developers to have more control of their code running in their containers, and extending the support for Windows-based solutions.


You can now take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Migration of existing .NET Framework and Core applications, straight from on-prem or IaaS based hosting to Azure PaaS (in App Service). Ideal for the typical “Lift and Shift” scenarios.
  • Less restricting security boundaries, by allowing to call libraries which would normally be blocked by Azure App Service. In example, when processing PDF files you can now use the GDI APIs, which would normally be blocked.
  • Installation of custom dependencies like fonts or libraries within the Global Assembly Cache

New App Service Plan SKU tiers

Microsoft also introduced 3 new premium SKUs to support App Service Plans hosting Windows Containers:

  • Small – 2x vCPU – 8 GB
  • Medium – 4x vCPU – 16 GB
  • Large – 8x vCPU – 32 GB

These SKUs are based on the Dv3 VM-series.

More info

Check the following official anouncement blog for more information.

Tutorial to get started: