Last week Microsoft announced official (GA) SAML support for Azure AD Application Proxy!

Security Assertion Markup Language, aka SAML, is an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties. A typical use case is the communication between an identity provider (such as Azure AD) and a service provider. You can learn more about it at this wiki link.

Benefits of using SAML

  • SAML is a standarized format which is designed to interoperate with any system, independent of implementation. SAML enables a open approach to architecture and identity federation without having vendor-specific issues.
  • SAML provides a single point of authentication at a secure identity provider. This means that credentials never leave the company boundaries. Also, applications don’t need to store or sync identities.
  • SAML enabled single sign-on (SSO) in certain scenarios. Users can seamlessly access multiple applications allowing them to work more efficiently.

How does it work

Go check out the official announcement to get started: